Double Salesman Clothing Rack Black

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1290-1870 mm (adjustable)


550 mm


1450-1700 mm (adjustable)


Double Mobile Clothing Collapsible Racks.

This is the finest double salesman clothing rack you’ll find.  When you rely on your hardware to get the most out of your business, you don’t want to be left short by shoddy imitations.  Before spending your hard-earned money on your next rack, check to make sure its features stack up.  Look out for “budget” models that skimp on some of the most important practical features.

Compare the features and you’ll agree that the Authentic Double Salesman Clothing Rack is the best in the business!

  • Easy setup – no tools required
  • Collapsible for easy transport
  • Heavy duty - industrial strength 25mm diameter round steel tubing
  • Black powdercoated Finish
  • Locking heavy duty castors (a standard feature on all our salesman racks)

*Don’t let anyone charge you extra for locking castors when it’s a standard feature on the Authentic Double Salesman Clothing Rack.

Length: 1290-1870 mm (adjustable)

Width: 550 mm

Height: 1450-1700 mm (adjustable)